Wednesday, November 30, 2011

*FREE* Printable Holiday Scrapbooking elements

Hello and Happy December! We are continuing with our guest artist series and are joined this month by the super talented Brad Renner. Brad designed our oh-so-fun December banner and also did the challenge with us. We're so lucky - his illustrations are brilliant!

The challenge this month was actually given to us by the lovely ladies from Scraptus, a blog group of crafty scrapbookers, based in Montreal. They challenged us to create pages of Holiday themed scrapbook elements and we thought this would be a fun thing to do and a fun thing to share with our readers during this Season of Giving.

You can see what the Scraptus girls created with our elements on their blog, starting on Friday, Dec. 2. Their blog is written totally in French, but even if you can't read what they wrote, you can still see all the fab designs they created. All the pages are free for you to download here and use for your personal projects. And, you don't have to be a scrapbooker to use them. Cut them out and adhere them to solid covered gift bags, use them as gift tags or even use them to make holiday cards or ornaments. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Holidays!  Nina, Cally, Bee, Julissa, Shirley and Jennifer

Bee - download here (English)        (French)

Nina - download here (English)        (French)

Julissa - download here (English)        (French)

Shirley - download here

Jennifer - download here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pillow Covers

Hello friends and happy November! This month we thought it would be fun to set up shops at Envelop and try our hand at designing some pillow covers. Several of us packed our stores with many fun designs so make sure you explore the store links below! 

Special thanks to Fhiona Galloway who participated as our guest illustrator this month. She's responsible for our fabulous November banner. Visit her website to see more.

Thanks for visiting and happy November!
Cally, Bee, Julissa, Shirley, Nina and Jennifer

Julissa visit her Envelop shop here

Shirley visit her Envelop shop here

Bee visit her Envelop shop here

Cally visit her Envelop shop here

Nina visit her Envelop shop here

Jennifer visit her Envelop shop here

Fhiona visit her Envelop shop here

December banner art by: Jennifer